Donations to Organizations

ERC offers donations to other organizations whose projects and activities are in line with ERC’s mission statement regarding the reduction and/or elimination of hazardous and toxic chemicals. Understand that any donations received must be used for activities/projects within the State of California and you must provide a report detailing how the funds were used.  

Please provide ERC with the following information.


Describe your organization

  • Problem statement: What problems, needs, or issues does it address?
  • Briefly describe your organization's history and major accomplishments.
  • Describe your current programs and activities.

Describe your request

  • (If you are requesting general support, you may skip this bullet.) If other than general operating support, describe the program for which you seek funding, why you decided to pursue this project and whether it is a new or ongoing part of your organization.
  • What are the goals, objectives and activities/strategies involved in this request? What is your timeline?
  • If you are a grassroots group, describe your community. If you are a state, regional, or national organization, describe your work with local groups, if applicable, and how other regional and/or national organizations are involved.
  • Describe systemic or social change you are trying to achieve.


  • Describe your plan for evaluating the success of the project or for your organization's work. Who will be involved in evaluating this work-staff, board, constituents, community, consultants? How will the evaluation results be used?

Organizational Structure/Administration

  • Briefly describe how your organization works: What are the responsibilities of the board, staff, volunteers, and, if a membership organization, the members?
  • Who will be involved in carrying out the plans outlined in this request? Include a brief paragraph summarizing the qualifications of key individuals involved.
  • Provide a list of your board of directors with related community and employment affiliations.
  • Provide an organizational chart showing decision-making structure.


  • Organization's current annual operating budget.
  • Current project budget, if other than general support.
  • List individually other funding sources for this request. Include amounts and whether received, committed, or projected/pending.
  • Most recent completed year's organizational financial statement (expenses, revenue and balance sheet), audited, if available.
  • A copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) letter if applicable.

Other Supporting Material

  • Letters of support/commitment (up to three).
  • Recent newsletter, articles, newspaper clippings, evaluations, or reviews (up to three).
  • Recent annual report.
  • Other.

Email us your submissions.